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Read about simple electrical requirements for the office

by RAICO Co Ltd (Ray Aquilina Installations)

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Setting up a new office can be equally exciting and stressful. With so many things to think about for it to look welcoming and yet be practical for the daily activity, the checklist is quite a long one. From which kind of furniture to choose, the wall colours, to lighting, IT wiring and all other electrical requirements, bringing everything together is no joke. 

Take a look here at the basic, yet essential electrical requirements your office has to have. Handled by professional and licensed electricians like the staff at RAICO Co Ltd, you can have the peace of mind of proper electrical wiring:

  • A wired internet connection

There is practically no place which can function well without a proper internet connection nowadays. Let alone an office. With the constant use of emails, video conferences, online presentations and other stuff, your office must have an efficient and fast internet network. To achieve this, a hardwired ethernet has a tendency to be more beneficial than wi-fi.  Ethernet doesn't need to be configured and it's also more secure than wi-fi. With internet plugged directly in your office devices, you have also a lesser chance of outsiders hacking your office's network and data.

  •  Lighting

The office is much busier than your home. Therefore, when choosing lighting it's important to think about the long working hours employees will be spending in front of a PC. Whether ceiling lights or desk lamps, lights need to create a comfortable ambience at all times. And this can be achieved by having lights installed which are neither harsh nor dimming. 

  • Cable Organisation

As every employee's desk will be loaded with electronic devices such as printers, telephone and other devices, power strips and a good amount of power supplies mounted on the desks is indispensable. With a well organised electrical map consulted with your electrician, you can have a neat and safe office with no wires going in all directions to reach all office corners.

  • Floor Electricity Box

This is another way of keeping all wires and cables out of the way. Floor electricity boxes work perfectly if your electrician passes the wiring underneath the floor. No matter if you opt for tiled or carpet flooring, such electricity boxes can be mounted and blended in with the rest of the flooring. Distributed evenly on the floor plan, cables and wires can reach devices from underneath the desks. Thus, you'll have very little wiring showing underneath the desks. Plus, you eliminate any risk of people tripping over wires. 

  • Extra electrical points

Having an extra electrical point is definitely better than having one less, even if you're sure you won't be using it. If you intend having a specific room at the office dedicated to carry out presentations, video conferencing or other in it, ensure you have an efficient electrical system mounted. A professional electrician can guide you on where best to place a projector, big screen and electrical points round the room to make it as practical as possible.

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