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Pierre Attard Dr Notary Public

Notaries Public, Valletta - Malta

Pierre Attard Dr Notary Public

Notaries Public, Valletta, Malta
General Information

Dr. Pierre Attard, Notary Public offers comprehensive notarial services in the city of Valletta, a city at the heart of the Mediterranean, and which is renowned for its strong legal history dating back to the times of the Knights of St. John, and ultimately as one of the oldest Notariats in Europe. As a registered member of Notarial Council of Malta, I take to heart the responsibilities placed upon me by the council, and ultimately by both local and international law. In concert with the requirements of the Notarial Council, I hold myself to, and am held to by the council, the requirements of certainty, impartiality and independence in all legal matters which require the services of a notary public.

It is my passion and mission first and foremost to confirm the will of two parties, and put this into legal terms through the drafting of acts and contracts, a requirement placed upon all public notaries, and one which I take with great pride and care.

My services include property conveyancing, financing and mortgaging, estate and succession planning, as well as providing legal verification of identities and ordaining contracts between two parties, whether individuals or corporate bodies. In Malta there is a wide range of properties and homes, some of which are waiting to be claimed, and many of which older generations are moving out of. My services extend to individuals who are looking for legal counsel in order to plan the succession of their estates, properties and finances. This includes organisation of an individual party's affairs, properties and monetary goods, and putting into legal terms through the drafting of a will how these possessions will be distributed after a certain point in time, usually after the time of passing.

In addition to wills and conveyance, I am additionally able to assist in the drafting of rental and lease agreements, including for non-Maltese residents who intend to purchase immovable properties on the Maltese islands.

Call or contact the office of Dr. Pierre Attard, Notary Public today for all of your notarial needs. Appointments are available by request.

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Contact Details
Pierre Attard Dr Notary Public
29 Vincenti Bldgs, Flt 10 Triq id-Dejqa ,
Valletta Malta VLT 1432
21 224 892
[email protected]
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