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Advent Lift Services Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Need lifts and escalators? We at Vertibus provide a wide range of lifts for your development. We provide the latest technology to the end user. We provide installation and repairs for all our clients. Contact us and we deliver.

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S S Lifts Ltd

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Lifts & Escalators
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Apex Lifts

Rabat, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Reach higher with one of our elevators. We have a selection of lifts for domestic and commercial premises. No matter how compact or big your space, check out all our mobility products.

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D & S Lifts Maintenance Ltd

Naxxar, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Want to make your life easier? We offer a variety of lift options from you to choose from. We offer Home Lifts, Panoramic Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Pitless Lifts, Stair Lifts, Dumbwaiter Lifts and Platform Lifts. We offer a great service. Contact us.

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Titan International Ltd

Msida, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Don’t risk it, when installing a lift or an escalator work only with the best. At Titan International we are experts on our job and so can deliver quality with the best brands in the market and most importantly we deliver safe new ways of mobility.

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Topserv Lifts Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Seeking a lift and escalator services? We at Topserv Lifts Ltd. provide lifts and escalators of various kinds for our clients. KLEEMANN offer ideal, safe and reliable products. We have professional and qualified technicians. Contact us.

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Elmein Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

At Elmein Ltd we are a company which has gained a lot of knowledge through the experience and work of which we have put in. Decades of knowledge in different sectors, always trying to improve our work and quality for better performance.

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Groffe Elevator Services Ltd

Gzira, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Find custom fit lifts and upgrades for all types of lifts. Groffe Elevator Services provides all aspects of lift maintenance, repairs, modernisation, refurbishment and new installations throughout Malta including a 24/7 emergency service!

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Liftman Malta Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

At Liftman Malta Ltd. you will find a comprehensive lift and escalator repair and maintenance service. Our turnkey solutions will provide your business, home or commercial building with the exact product you need.

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High Rise Co Ltd

Luqa, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

General Lifts Ltd

Nadur-Gozo Gozo | Lifts & Escalators

Find installation and maintenance solutions for a vast variety of elevators and escalators. General Lifts provides all, residential, commercial and industrial projects. Watch out for free on-site consultation and 24-hour service!

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I G M Lift Supplies & Services

Sliema, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

I G M Lift Supplies & Services is the most reliable lifts provider in Malta. In addition to our extended list of lift services, we also offer our clients 24-hour emergency services and lift maintenance service.

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eni Lift Malta

Mgarr, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

Contact Eni Lift Malta for an ecological elevator that does not take up lots of space and does not use lots of power. It is the perfect choice for a home elevator. It is also good for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

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Lift Services Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

We are a longstanding family company with years of experience in vertical transportation. We specialise in both commercial and domestic lift installations, valuing both elegance and functionality. We also perform lift upgrades and 24/7 maintenance.

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B’Kara, Malta | Lifts & Escalators

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Lifts & Escalators in Malta and Gozo

Whether you are looking to ease mobility at your residence, help your clients move from floor to floor of your business or aid your employees in transporting industrial material, lifts and escalators can help you do just that.

Suppliers across the islands can provide innovative solutions to any type of application be it commercial, industrial or residential. Typically, on-site meetings are prearranged whereby you can communicate your wants and needs to the supplier and you will be provided with a quote. The technicians and engineers on hand will be able to advise and offer technical assistance during preparatory works. Supply and installation of both lifts and escalators are taken care of by the suppliers themselves, while they can also service the products if the need arises and offer any aftersales support.

Dumbwaiters and Goods Lifts

Elevators for restaurants and industrial needs are constructed to carry all kind of objects. They can be custom-made to suit different requirements, like dumbwaiters designed to transport relatively light loads like plates, platters and glasses between multiple floors or goods lifts which can be adapted for a wide variety of solutions and are created to work in environments whereby heavy items can be moved between multiple floors. Consultants can help you decide which elevator will be the best solution for you, while you can also have a look at our tips article that gives all the ins and outs of lifts and escalators.

Elevator Services for Residential Buildings 

A practical and cost-effective solution, lifts used in residential buildings are usually smaller than the ones employed for commercial and industrial purposes. Depending on the type of building, they can have different capacities and designs. The elevator will be able to accommodate all floors and depending on your budget and style, you can go as elaborate on the design as you wish. Whether you're looking to add a touch of the modern to your building or a hint of the vintage, local suppliers should be able to accommodate your requirements, while some shops may also have the option to have the cab specifically designed to fit your style.

What Other Lift Services Are Available in Malta? 

The variety of elevators available across Malta and Gozo does not stop with the types mentioned above. For instance, freight lifts are available to clients who may operate warehouses, industrial plants or shopping centres. Having a great load-bearing capacity to meet a wide range of needs, these can solve complex transportation requirements that other alternatives cannot. In addition, some suppliers may also be able to help you out if you need highly specific types of lifts such as bed lifts or hospital lifts for example. Produced for transporting patients easily and comfortably, these are mainly sought after by hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, as well as private residences. Another option is car lifts, which are mainly used by those who operate a car service or an auto mechanic business.

Escalator Services in Malta

A common sight mainly found at supermarkets, shopping centres and airports, escalators can be lifesavers when carrying many bags of shopping or a number of pieces of luggage. Professional suppliers can customise them in order to fit your businesses' needs and more importantly to adapt them to any design and architectural style. Other things you need to ensure is that these can be modified to various sizes and inclinations, whereas you may want to consider having certain features included. From inductive proximity sensors that determine the speed to photoelectric sensors that help detect the presence of commuters, there are a number of features you might want to consider having.

The Importance of Lift & Escalator Testing and Registration

Every new lift installed at a workplace or at commercial premises across the Maltese islands must be registered with the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA), while residential elevators must be registered with the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA).

The safety of lifts is mainly covered by two regulations - the Lifts Regulations of 2016 and the Inspection of Lifts Regulations of 2007. Both pieces of legislation are mandatory and all installers and eventual administrations must abide by them. At the same time, elevators must be CE-marked, whereas lifts must be thoroughly inspected at specified intervals by an Authorised Conformity Assessment Body (ACAB). For instance, in a residential building, preventive inspections must be carried out at least every year, however, in cases where a large number of people use it on a daily basis (for instance in large malls and supermarkets), you might want to consider having inspections done at closer intervals, perhaps every six months. Doing so will ensure that they do not only operate efficiently but that safety standards are maintained at all times. What's more, administrators are also required to keep a logbook of these inspections. Wondering what these could entail? For instance, when it comes to escalators, quality controls must ensure the precise synchronisation of the step and handrail for maximum security.

Need further help in selecting your lift or escalator? Have a look at these tips.

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