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Top reasons why you wake up feeling groggy and not rested in the morning

by Hypnos Vitafoam

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When the right amount of hours do not seem enough

Sometimes, no matter how many hours you manage to sleep and no matter how deep you end up sleeping, it still doesn't feel enough when you wake up in the morning. In these cases no matter the amount of sleeping pills you take, it seems that you wake up feeling worse than when you fell asleep and you feel like your body is not well rested at all.

It is important to know that our body will recharge, regenerate and recover itself during our sleep, therefore, in the morning you should wake up feeling refreshed. If this is not the case and you have no underlying conditions that might be affecting the way you feel in the morning, then maybe you should be looking at what might be causing all this.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to sleep most people think about the amount of sleep they are getting and when they wake up feeling tired, they either sleep in a little more, or decide to turn in earlier at night. This might not always be the case, sometimes, it is more a case of the quality of sleep than the quantity, and this links to what kind of mattress and pillow you have.

It is important to see to it that you change your mattress every seven to ten years depending on usage and the kind of mattress that you purchased. There are many reasons why an old mattress or the bad kind of mattress for you might affect your sleep.

Dust mites

Over the years your mattress will accumulate sweat, dust mites and dead skin and in fact will double in its weight in 10 years' time. Dust mites develop due to the dead skin that we leave behind us every night, and these mites bring with them their own issues when it comes to sleep. These can be a real and serious problem for those who already suffer from allergies or conditions like asthma, but might also affect those who don't. They might also be the cause of skin conditions such as eczema. In other words, you will wake up feeling sick and like your body is weighing you down, which is not what you need when you are preparing to start your day.

Deformation of the mattress

If you treat your mattress like a trampoline, do not clean it regularly or flip it, there might be deformations that in time will make you feel uncomfortable during sleep. Also, if perhaps there is a significant change in your weight, your mattress might not be right for you anymore and will not be as comfortable as it used to be and it is time for you to change it.

Choosing the wrong mattress

Not all mattresses are the same, this is because everyone needs a different kind of mattress depending on any underlying back problems and the position that they favour during sleep. In addition to that, your weight is also something you need to factor in when choosing your new mattress. The wrong mattress will not provide you with the comfort that your type of body needs especially when you take your usual preferred position during sleep.

It is always ideal to check that your mattress is the right option for you so that you can tick that off your list before going through the many other reasons why you are waking up feeling way too groggy in the morning. 

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