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Myths and facts regarding sleep and mattresses

by Hypnos Vitafoam

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Sifting through the real and the misconceptions

There are so many myths and misconceptions around sleeping and mattresses that it often becomes hard to discern which are true and which are just old ideas that should be forgotten. There are many studies that are done regularly and so many oldish ideas when it comes to sleep and mattresses can be easily disregarded and you can look at the scientific results which are the only ones that count in the end.

Myths and facts

  • There have been contradicting articles around that say that the age of your mattress does not really affect your sleep as long as you take good care of it and clean it regularly. This can be disregarded as a myth because, yes, the age of your mattress is very much a factor as to why you might be waking up not feeling refreshed as you should after enough hours of sleep. The years will obviously depend on how well you take care of the mattress, how often you use it and also how many people sleep on it and the weight that it is subjected to. Yet, no matter how much you clean the mattress you can never thoroughly clean all the dead skin, moisture and dust mites that it will accumulate in 10 years' time and it will also no longer be able to provide you with the comfort it used to when it was in a better state, therefore, from the eight years mark onwards, you need to start thinking about changing your mattress.
  • Many will tell you that the firmer the mattress the better it will be, this is a myth, only because not everyone is the same and therefore, everyone will need a different kind of mattress. It all depends on which position you prefer to sleep in, what kind of conditions you might suffer from, how much you weigh and mainly what you prefer to feel while you sleep, whether you want to feel a sturdier mattress, something softer or even a mattress that is a bit of both.
  • Some think that if they have mattress protectors it means that their mattress is immune to dust and anything else that affects the aging process of a mattress. This is not true, although it protects it as the name suggests, somes dust mites and allergens will still find their way to your mattress. The mattress protector will only protect your mattress when it comes to dirt and spillages. That is why it is ideal to still clean the mattress protector and the mattress regularly.
  • You might also think that a mattress topper will mean that you can use your mattress for a longer amount of time. A mattress topper will provide you with more cushioning and pressure point relief but, however, if your mattress is no longer comfortable or has a few dents or even broken springs, the mattress toppers will not do very much of a difference in these situations. 

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