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H P S Trading Ltd

H P S Trading Ltd

Birgu, Malta | Flooring-Heating & Cooling

Klimaflo Heating & Cooling Solutions

San Gwann, Malta | Flooring-Heating & Cooling
Solar Solutions Ltd

Solar Solutions Ltd

Gharghur, Malta | Flooring-Heating & Cooling
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Technology Imports Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Flooring-Heating & Cooling

Did you mean a company called Flooring Heating Cooling?

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Underfloor Heating In Malta & Gozo

One of the most crucial aspects of leading a happy and healthy life is controlling the environment in your space, and underfloor heating does just that. Although there are several temperature control systems available today, none are as energy-efficient and unobtrusive as heated flooring.

Although underfloor heating is a relatively recent idea in Malta, there are several advantages to having heated floors there. There is nothing like underfloor heating and cooling to maintain the atmosphere at a choice of temperature, whether it's for a home, a restaurant, a hotel, a gym, a school, a factory, or even a church.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating dates back to ancient times specifically Roman times, where such systems, historically known as hypocausts, were employed by the rich in Roma villas and bathhouses to keep their properties warm. Advancements in technology have reduced the underground heated caverns to almost paper-thin mats, making underfloor heating much more accessible and easy to install.

These mats contain a network of conduits or wires that radiate heat from the ground up, making it extremely comfortable to walk barefoot around the house even on extremely frosty days. However, since hot air rises, the heat won't simply affect the floor, it will slowly warm up the entire space it covers, evenly and consistently. 

Underfloor heating is offered in two forms: the recently developed electric floor heating and the more conventional and energy-efficient wet underfloor heating. Despite having distinct energy sources, both forms of underfloor heating may be installed easily underneath any sort of flooring, although the type of flooring you have may affect which type is ideal for you.

Electrical Underfloor Heating

The slimmest and most convenient type of underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating is the best option for remodelling projects. It runs using electricity which heats up the wires across the length of its mat to warm up the space, and a separate underfloor heating thermostat may control how much heat it emits. To maximise efficiency, it can also be activated by devices like timers, motion detectors, light relays, and hot water sensors.

The best places for electric underfloor heating are often those with little available space and commonly have hard floorings, such as marble and tiles, like bathrooms and kitchens. This is because some carpet and wooden floor types may reduce the efficiency of heat radiation from an electric floor heating system.

Electric floor heating has several key advantages over more conventional wet underfloor heating systems, including a quicker heat-up time and the ability to be installed closer to the flooring's surface. This implies that it can be turned off when not in use and back on when necessary because it consumes a lot of energy to run, making it unsuitable for large, often-used common areas like living rooms.

Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating excels where electrical floor heating fails. Due to the higher initial expenditures and relatively challenging installation, this system is often less preferred than its electrical counterpart. Yet, because of its high amortisation rates, which result in significant savings once the original costs are paid, it is the ideal long-term investment.

It has great amortisation rates because it uses less energy to heat up your home than electrical underfloor heating, especially when covering huge areas. Wet underfloor heating works through a system of pipes which circulate hot water heated to about 35°C that gradually warms the flooring. As a result, you won't have to spend as much money on heating as you would with traditional heating systems, which need temperatures of up to 60°C to function properly. These pipes are generally connected to a boiler or heat pump but can also be linked to a solar water heating system for even bigger savings.

Wet underfloor heating, which is a bit trickier to install than electrical floor heating, is therefore the better investment, especially for new structures where the flooring is still being laid. Most wet underfloor heating systems can also be programmed to function as a cooling system, which is an additional benefit. 

Why Choose Underfloor Heating in Malta & Gozo?

When compared to other thermal systems like air conditioning, which sometimes only warms up the area around the unit, underfloor heating in Malta has an advantage, especially in wide open spaces. With underfloor heating, the entire floor functions as the heating system, distributing heat uniformly throughout the entire space it's installed.

Heated floors also have the primary benefit of removing unsightly equipment from the installation site because the entire mechanism is buried underneath. This gives your place a cleaner appearance and gives you more room to express your creativity without sacrificing utility.

In addition to providing the best heating options, underfloor heating is also fantastic at controlling humidity levels, which, given our islands' climate, is a huge bonus to getting underfloor heating in Malta and Gozo.  The humidity levels are substantially reduced as the air in the area where the underfloor heating is placed warms up and naturally begins to hold more water droplets, making for a dryer indoor climate.

Moreover, underfloor heating enhances the quality of the air. The majority of temperature control devices, such as air conditioners, circulate the air inside the room using fans, which raises the air's concentration of dust particles. Because there is no air movement with underfloor heating, there is less dust in the air, which makes it much simpler to clean your space.

Finding The Ideal Underfloor Heating Contractor in Malta & Gozo 

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the ideal contractor for underfloor heating in Malta, the first being their experience and connections. Underfloor heating is a relatively new concept so naturally, underfloor heating contractors in Malta and Gozo are working with a limited pool of clients. However, this makes it easier to spot a good underfloor heating contractor from another as there isn't a lot of competition.

The first thing you should do is check what equipment the heated floor contractor uses and make sure that the brand they supply is highly regarded. This is very telling of the knowledge that that specific contractor has about underfloor heating as a product.

Another thing you should consider is if the underfloor heating contractor offers consultation and design services. It is vital that you install the underfloor heating mechanism properly the first time around as otherwise, it will be costly to replace or make changes to it once the floor has been laid. Underfloor heating contractors in Malta should have a good understanding of Maltese buildings and how the mechanism functions in both modern and traditional structures.

Lastly, you should really consider if the underfloor heating contractor does installations. While underfloor heating, especially electrical underfloor heating, is renowned for being one of the easiest thermal systems to install, it's best to have everything laid by seasoned technicians rather than trying to do it yourself and regretting it in the long term.

So, don't waste another minute or another cent. Contact one of the underfloor heating contractors in Malta and Gozo through Yellow and start your energy-saving journey today!

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