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Here Are 4 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Kitchen for Your Home

by Fairdeal Furniture

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Getting your first kitchen is an exciting time, one must keep in mind space, budget, style and materials. Today we at Fairdeal Furniture will help you examine the answer to this eternal question. 

1. Space limitations

In most cases, it is advisable to get a kitchen which can be made to measure. 

A ready-made kitchen is normally available off the shelf in very limited sizes. Having a linear kitchen also means that you are limited in space. This type of kitchen is not suitable for large families and are normally used in studio apartments and one-bedroom homes. 

On the other hand, having a limited space does not necessarily mean that you can adapt these kitchens to your space. Having a limited space, can at times mean that you need a made to measure kitchen which can maximise the space available, as to make very good use of the limited space that is available to you. 

2. Budget

The next aspect that one must keep in mind is the budget. Kitchen costs can vary greatly, however, the cost difference does not always reflect the size of the kitchen. That is why it is important that the budget is discussed with our design consultants during your meeting, as we will still be able to give you your ideal kitchen within your budget.


3. Be practical and realistic

When deciding on your kitchen one must always be practical and realistic about his space and also about the current situation one might be in. 

One must be realistic, as lack of space in the kitchen area could mean that it would not be possible to accommodate certain features, such as spacious islands and breakfast bars. 

4. Materials

Materials are another determining factor when it comes to your kitchen. Make sure that you discuss materials thoroughly with your design consultant. When it comes to kitchen tops there are four main materials which you can use. You can use postform, which is the most economical top that can be used, you can also opt for granite, marble or quartz tops which are more durable.  

After that, one needs to decide which materials will be used for the kitchen fronts. The main question is solid wood or laminate? solid wood can be used for both classical and contemporary kitchens. 

Having a custom-created kitchen will present you with a range of endless options and possibilities. Thanks to our choice of made to measure solutions, you will be able to pick the depth, sizing, colours, materials and even heights of your kitchen. 

Having a custom-created kitchen is the way to go if you are looking for an affordable but high-quality kitchen that will stand the test of time and present you with the best value for money around. 

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