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Dorian Theuma

Plastering Contractors, Mellieha - Malta
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Dorian Theuma

Plastering Contractors, Mellieha, Malta
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Learn all about Dorian Theuma, Plastering Contractors in Mellieha - Malta

Are you currently finishing or renovating your home? Home renovation is no easy task. It requires hours of hard work and dedication, with most works requiring a lot of effort. If you want to repaint your exterior or interior walls, the first step to do so is by stripping them of any paint. After this process, you may notice various chips and dents in your wall. This means that your wall is not in good condition and may need plastering to ensure a uniform finish. 

Dorian Theuma Plastering is the only service you should consider when plastering your walls. By hiring our professional plastering contractors, you will save a lot of time and money. With our expert services, we can get the job done in just a few days ensuring that it is done right. You can always plaster your wall yourself. However, this results in several inconveniences, such as mess and dust, improper work and extra costs. With our professionals, we can ensure that your home is plastered and finished to high standards. 

At Dorian Theuma Plastering, we are experts in what we do. We offer a variety of services, such as the plastering of interior or exterior walls, roof sides, and ceilings. We will make sure to provide an efficient and professional plaster repair service so that your walls are smooth and evenly finished. The cost of our plastering service is highly-affordable, with competitive prices that will suit even the strictest of budgets. Even though we are based in Mellieha, we offer our services all around Malta and Gozo.

Plastering walls is essential to offer a protective coating between bricks, as well as to make them look more aesthetically appealing. By plaster repairing your exterior walls, you are ensuring a stronger structure which cannot be easily damaged by harsh winds or rain. Usually, a special mixture consisting of cement and sand is applied to any cracks or damages in the rock, as well as to any gaps between the rocks. This guarantees more structural integrity. 

After this mixture, a top layer of gypsum plaster is applied. During this step, you can choose to plaster your entire wall or just small patches according to your requirement. This type of mixture is usually favoured on interior walls and ceilings as it provides a smoother and more even finish. 

When you plaster your walls, you are laying a base for your paint to be applied smoothly and without any bumps or faults which are naturally found on bare rocks. This leads to better-looking walls and ceilings, adding to your property’s overall aesthetic appeal. After the plaster is applied, the walls can be painted or decorated according to your requirements. 

Apart from our plastering work, we also offer a variety of other services, including painting of walls, accent walls and ceilings, finishing and painting of exterior walls, plumbing works, alterations, pointing, pipe laying, silicato, stone or surface levelling, paint removal, gypsum, graffito and veneciano. 

For more information regarding our plastering work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. At Dorian Theuma Plastering we guarantee professional and reliable services. We will respect your deadlines as well as budgets.

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Dorian Theuma
56 Marija Bambina Triq Dun Frangisk Sciberras ,
Mellieha Malta MLH 2029
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