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Why you should opt for a minibus service!

by Camron Garage

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Undoubtedly, driving around Malta and Gozo has become one hell of a challenge! With traffic around every corner, road works diversions and what not, as comfortable as it may be, driving does require a lot of patience. Especially if controlling your road rage is becoming more and more difficult. 

Camron Garage provides you with transportation solutions if you're fed up with driving… and let's not forget finding a parking space once you've finally arrived at your destination! For whichever event or location you need efficient transportation here are some which Camron Garage can come to the rescue professionally, safely and most importantly on time.

School Minibus Service

Ever since the Government launched the free transport scheme for school students, many parents have found the ideal solution for their everyday schedule. It's very simple and straightforward. Parents apply with Camron Garage to make use of the scheme and all the paperwork needed is handled by us. 

The main requirement to be entitled for this scheme is that kid groups should be of 10 or more.

Morning Coffee Events

Morning Coffees are certainly popular events locally, especially with the elderly. Since many elderlies do not drive or prefer to ditch their personal car for such events, hiring a minibus service is the appropriate option. Typically held in the late morning, you can organise yourselves as a group and decide on a pick up spot for a minibus to come for you and take you to the event. 

Kids' Outings

Organising a kids' outing is definitely one of the hardest things. Before thinking about how to make it fun and interesting as much as possible, safety is the priority. With a minibus service you can have the peace of mind that all kids are altogether on one vehicle, reducing the risk that one of them gets left behind. Equipped with safety belts and all the necessary features to ensure a safe ride to and from the location, a minibus service is definitely ideal for both large family outings with kids and for school outings. 

Night Clubbing

If you don't want that your fun night out turns into a fatality, opting for a minibus service shows how much responsible you are. When you know that you'll be spending the night drinking with your friends, forget about using your car. Hire a minibus service and no matter how drunk you are, you have the guarantee that you'll return home safe. A minibus service will come for you and your friends to take you to the club and will pick you up again at your preferred time later in the night.

Team Building Events

A minibus service is also very beneficial for team building events organised by your office's management. It's not just about transportation but you get to bond with your colleagues while on the road during a treasure hunt for example, and spend time together outside the office. Plus, if you have the tendency of showing up late every time you're given a specific time, such a service guarantees you're on time with your colleagues. 

Camron Garage is always one call away to provide you with excellent minibus services. There's no need to worry about getting fined while driving. Plus, Camron Garage's drivers are always committed to drive responsibly and safely.


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