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All Clearance & Transport

Mosta, Malta | Bulk Refuse

Need to free your house or office from accumulated items you no longer need or use? All Clearance & Transport provides you with the solution to easily dispose of old furniture, upholstery, building materials, garden waste, and more. Call us now!

  •   Disposal of bulk refuse
  •   24hr services
  •   Clearing of old storage
  •   Furniture lifting services
  •   Handling of construction debris
  •   Services offered in Malta & Gozo

Chris Gatt

Rabat, Malta RBT | Bulk Refuse
  • Marketplace

Planning any home renovations? Call Chris Gatt to tackle all the bulk refuse generated promptly & efficiently. Whether it's about getting rid of old or damaged furniture, appliances, paints, apertures or other bulky waste, disposing of it is easy!

ANT Removals

Tarxien, Malta | Bulk Refuse
We Deliver

Stress no more if you're thinking about disposing of bulk refuse from your house, garage, shop or other! We can help you dispose of old furniture, tiles, upholstery, aluminium, gypsum or other efficiently with the right vehicles & equipment! Call us.

Antoine Bartolo

Qormi, Malta | Bulk Refuse

Antoine Bartolo can provide you with highly professional and efficient bulk refuse removal services. Simply contact us today, and leave the rest to us!

CJ Transport

Sta Venera, Malta | Bulk Refuse
We Deliver

Let us handle all your bulky refuse. We can safely remove all of your unwanted bulky materials, including glass, wood, metal and plastic. Make sure that you legally dispose of your waste by hiring professionals. Don't let the environment suffer!

Alex Camilleri Skip Hire

B’Bugia | Bulk Refuse
Charles Bianco
Clint Mifsud

Clint Mifsud

Paola, Malta | Bulk Refuse
G & R Spiteri

G & R Spiteri

Qormi, Malta | Bulk Refuse

R & A Waste Service Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Bulk Refuse

Scrap Transport

Marsa, Malta | Bulk Refuse

Did you mean a company called Bulk Refuse?

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Bring-In Site in Malta & Gozo Near You

Responsible waste disposal is a responsibility that belongs to all of us and it is important to make correct use of both public and private facilities available in this area.

Is it time to dispose of unnecessary things? Discover all the waste management options that are available locally on Yellow.

Why Is Proper Waste Disposal Important?

Proper waste disposal is an issue that has been increasingly gaining traction over the last few years. The adequate disposal of rubbish is at the core of environmental protection since ineffective management can very easily lead to polluted water and soil.

Furthermore, there are important health and safety considerations that are related to the proper disposal of refuse. This is particularly fundamental in cases where hazardous or toxic waste is involved. Indeed, incorrect disposal can negatively affect the environment, apart from causing harm to humans and animals.

Bring-In Sites in Malta and Gozo

Public bring-in sites were introduced in the Maltese Islands in 2002 with the aim of encouraging the public to recycle waste and dispose of it correctly. These sites can be found in practically all localities and are typically managed by the respective local councils. It is therefore easy and convenient to find a bring-in site that is situated close to you. All bring-in sites have four large colour-coded containers where one can dispose of previously separated waste. The following materials can be placed in these containers:

  • Blue - plastic
  • White - paper
  • Brown - glass
  • Black - metal

These sites are situated in open public areas and so it is possible to take refuse at any time that is convenient.

The different materials are collected for further processing and treatment, either at the local waste treatment plant or exported abroad.

Bring-in sites should not be confused with Civic Amenity Sites - these sites are facilities where the public can take recyclable materials but also a broader range of domestic refuse such as bulky objects and hazardous domestic waste. Amongst the objects that can be taken to these sites one finds:

  • Furniture and other heavy domestic items
  • Gardening material
  • Electronic waste such as computers, monitors, phones and printers
  • White goods including cookers, fridges and washing machines
  • Limited amounts of construction waste (such as tiles) generated through domestic works
  • Batteries and used bulbs
  • Cooking and lubricant oil
  • Hazardous material, chemicals and paint
  • Tyres

There is a total of six civic amenity sites with five being situated in Malta and one in Gozo. All sites are open every day between Monday and Sunday (including Public Holidays) between 07:30 and 17:30. The freephone 80072200 is available to answer any queries that the general public might have in relation to what is permissible, applicable procedures and queries of a general nature. Local Councils in Malta and Gozo also offer a dedicated bulky refuse collection service where bulky items are picked up from your doorstep or driveway. This service is available free of charge, however, it is neccessary to book it in advance by calling the Local Council of the particular locality. It is advised to indicate the number of items that shall be disposed since there may be a limit per household. There is a broad range of bulky items that can be collected through this service ranging from domestic white goods to furniture and mattresses. 

Apart from the public facilities that are available, there are a number of service providers that can facilitate refuse disposal. Indeed, these providers can rent out skips of various sizes (ranging from mini skips to large skips) that are suited for domestic requirements, infrastructural projects, commercial activities and large-scale undertakings. Furthermore, these companies are equipped to cater for the removal and transportation of waste, particularly in situations where this is either bulky or present in large quantities (such as construction and demolition works, factories, restaurants and hospitals). It is possible to ask which option is best-suited for your particular requirements and obtain free quotations so as to identify the most advantageous service.

Recycling Facts and Figures

Recycling is the responsible action that minimises as much as possible the negative effects that waste can have on the environment. Here are a few facts and figures that certainly put recycling into perspective:

  • There is no limit to how many times aluminium can be recycled
  • Glass objects that are disposed of in landfills never decompose even though it is completely recyclable
  • Motor oil can be recycled indefinitely
  • Between 450 and 1000 years are required for a plastic bottle to decompose
  • It is estimated that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic find their way in our seas every year
  • Around 100,000 marine organisms die from plastic entanglement every year
  • Germany is the country with the highest recycling rate in the world
  • 40% of the plastic that is used to package products is never reused

Are you interested in doing more for the environment? Check out these six ways to make your home greener and how you can help the environment by using plastic more responsibly


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