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Top tips on taking care of your water filtration equipment

by Bridgepoint Ltd

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After you have installed a water filtration system it's not just about reaping its benefits through safer and cleaner water for the whole family. Maintenance is a must if you want to extend the life of your system and enjoy all the benefits.

To ensure proper functionality and a lengthened lifespan of your water filtration equipment, these tips can help you!

Commit to scheduled service

At least, a yearly maintenance service should be carried out on all the water filtration equipment. To avoid the risk of having bacteria growing, leave it in the hands of a professional technician to sanitise the components of the system and check that everything is functioning properly. When you've purchased your water filtration system, be it a Reverse Osmosis system or a Water Softener Device, discuss with the Company about the options of maintenance agreements. Like this, you have the peace of mind that your water filtration system is monitored and maintained by experts on a regular basis.

Take care of the filters and membrane in a RO system

This water filtration system is the most common choice by many households. For it to give you the best performance and high-quality water, you need to look after its primary components - the filters and membrane. A Reverse Osmosis System typically comprises a number of filters through which the water flows until it exits from the tap, ready for you to drink instantly. The filters in a RO system are the Sediment filter, Pre-Carbon filter and the Post Carbon filter. Then there is also the RO membrane. Ensure that the filters are replaced every 6-12 months if you want to avoid clogging in the sediment filter and keep an effective carbon absorption from the water.

Simple tips to follow:

  • keep an extra set of filters
  • have the cartridges sanitized in every service and preferably replaced
  • have the tank pressure adjusted properly for the best water amount and pressure
  • ensure o'rings and other connections are inspected
  • never ignore water drips and leakages

Watch out for that salt bridge in the water softener's tank

If you have a Water Softener installed, there is no need to carry out maintenance to the filters. A Water Softener doesn't have filters. But, it still needs servicing on a regular basis to guarantee excellent functionality. If your device is running regeneration cycles regularly but the salt levels in the tank are not reducing, it's likely that a salt bridge has formed in the brine tank.

Simple tips to follow:

    • top up the salt tablets from time to time with pure salt iron remover tablets
    • avoid adding salt tablets in the brine tank unless the current ones are almost finished
    • refill the tank to no more than two-thirds full
    • clean the brine tank yearly, because even pure salt contains some contaminants
    • ensure that the water softener's drain line is above the grate of the drain to avoid accidental sewage siphoning into the device

If you require in-depth water filtration equipment maintenance get in touch with the experts at Bridgepoint Ltd here!