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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Lighting For Your Home

by AJ Electric

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Most people do not give much importance to their home's lighting. They seem to skim over this vital part of the home and view it as more of a functional feature rather than an aesthetical one. This rookie mistake can decrease your home's stylishness and practicality when put into practice. Lighting can quite literally make or break any room in your home. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect lighting for your home by us at AJ Electric. 

What are your options? 


If you would like your lighting to focus on a particular area or object within your home, accent lighting is the way to go. Accent lights include a range of track, torchere, recessed or scone light. Accent lighting is used to create interest or divert attention to a certain feature within a room. It can be used to focus on art pieces around the home, gypsum features or even shelves. 


Task lighting is a great choice for desks, tables or other areas where you might be performing certain tasks. Task lighting is generally used to help people see fine details during certain tasks such as cooking, reading or writing. However in interior design, it is used to increase light for a number of reasons within a specific room. These lights can be applied in order to create ambient light to a particular area. 



Ambient lighting is ideal when it comes to recreating natural light within your home. It is mostly used to mimic the sun's light. Most common types of ambient lighting include chandeliers, recessed fixtures, LED downlights, wall-mounted lighting or ceiling mounted fixtures. 

Warm or cold?

The ultimate question when it comes to choosing your lightbulbs, is whether you should go for warm or cold lighting. People generally prefer opting for warmer lights, as they are suitable for home environments the most. This is due to the fact that warm lighting recreates the sun's own shine by presenting your home with a warm and homely feel. Warmer light options are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms. Living rooms and dens. Cold lighting on the other hand should be used in working spaces such as offices, garages, cooking areas and bathrooms. 

Room functionality 


Bedrooms should ideally have a main overhead light. Build upon this lighting source with accent lighting such as wall scones or table lamps. 


Recessed lighting is generally preferred in bathrooms, however it is important to build up this room's lighting by adding soft task lights around mirrors, overhead sources above your bath and accent lights for a deeper and more intimate feel. 


Living room

Track lights are used in this main room. Living rooms give people the chance to play around with fixture sizes. In this room you can experiment with lighting layers by choosing table lamps, scones, task lights and ambient lights as well. 



If you are looking to add lighting to your kitchen and dining room, it is best to start off from recess lighting. Focus on areas such as cooking counters, dining tables, work areas and kitchen islands first. After that is done, you can build up your lighting layers by adding under-cabinet lighting, task lights and accent lights to supplement dark corners. 



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