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Planning A BBQ? Here Are Six Meat Cuts You Should Definitely Try

by A M G Cold Stores Ltd

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Few things in life are as beautiful and satisfying as a juicy, smokey and delectable grilled steak. However before firing up your grill, you need to choose the perfect cut. If you are looking for the best steaks to grill, you will definitely find the right answer in this blog post by us at AMG Cold Stores. From T-bone steaks to juicy tenderloins, we are here to help you make the perfect BBQing choice. 

1. Ribeye Steak

This great cut is the number one choice for most people when it comes to grilled meat. This marbled treasure will provide you with a flavourful and juicy meal. Thanks to its thickness, the ribeye can be cut into chunks, used for kebabs or even skewers. You can choose to either grill your ribeye as a whole or create a choice of delectable kebabs. The ribeye is a fine piece of meat that presents you with a tender texture and strong flavour. 


2. Brisket

The brisket comes from the shoulder part of the beef and is known for its high amounts of fat – a great shield that stops your meat from drying out. This firm cut benefits from long slow cooking, however it's great for a good old grilling. You can start it off in the oven and transfer it to the grill mid-cooking to present it with that charred, smokey flavour. You can also braise it in a home-made marinade before grilling. 

3. Top Rump

The top rump is a great summer grilling choice. This cut can be sliced horizontally and opened into a large flat piece, turning it into a thin and evenly-cooked grilled steak. Turn your traditional Sunday roast into a dreamy al fresco lunch with this trick. 


4. Porterhouse Steak

This cut is made up of the cross-section of the short loin on the beef's rump end. It is a cross-section of the backbone with a bit of ribeye muscle on the side, this means that the porterhouse comes with a portion of tenderloin muscle attached. This juicy steak will present you with all the flavour and juiciness you need without breaking the bank. 

5. T-Bone Steak

The T-bone steak is very similar to the porterhouse steam, however this cut comes without the tenderloin bit. Since the t-bone is found further away from the rump bit, the ribeye muscle present is a bit more tender than that of the tenderloin. This lean yet succulent and well-textured meat offers you a tender and satisfying flavour when it comes to grilling.


6. Chuck Steak 

The chuck is the first or second cut from the beef's primal chuck cut. The chuck steak can be very similar to the ribeye, the majority of the difference lies in the price. You can turn this bit of meat into a flat-iron steam by cutting it lengthwise, making it more tender and quicker to cook. 

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