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Load up on your protein: 5 best chicken products to get your needs covered

by A M G Cold Stores Ltd

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Eating chicken is very beneficial for your body's development, particularly to load on proteins. The high nutritional value of proteins in chicken helps you build and sustain your organs, muscles, skin and the bones. Apart from protein supply, eating chicken is usually also your first choice when wanting to lose weight. It's present in almost all your meals because it has very little fat!

A M G Cold Stores Ltd imports poultry products from all over the world. Whether frozen or ready-cooked chicken products, you can find a premium range for your protein intake. 

Check out these 5 top chicken products you definitely need in your freezer storage!

Chicken Breast

No wonder this part of the chicken is the most popular one! Served skinless and boneless, the chicken breast provides you with a versatility in the way it can be cooked and added to different dishes. It's also not relatively expensive and part of many diets and healthy eating plans. Being a good source of lean meat with 54 gr of proteins and almost no fat, the chicken breast contains no sugar or starch. Hence, no carbohydrates - when obviously cooked without seasoning or covered with breadcrumbs!

Popular cooking options: breaded and fried, grilled, baked, stuffed, cut in chunks for stews

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are mainly made of three parts. These include the drumette, the wingette and the wing tip. Being relatively small in size, chicken wings are typically served as an appetizer or snack in bars and similar casual entertainment establishments. Although chicken wings are usually eaten with the skin on, their level of proteins and fats is still considerable. With 64% of the calories in chicken wings coming from the protein side, fats amount to 36% only. Obviously, it also depends on the method you choose to cook this tiny delicacy for that crispy and crunchy bite! 

Popular cooking options: baked, grilled or deep fried with an accompaniment such as spicy sauces or potatoes. 


Chicken Leg quarters

The chicken's legs are made of two parts: the thigh and the drumstick. As in the case of chicken wings, the chicken Leg quarters are usually preferred with the skin on. Removing the skin and bones, the protein value of a chicken drumstick is 12.4gr. Whether or not you want to benefit from this protein value really depends on the way you choose to cook it! Taking off the skin also adds on the healthy factor, giving you an essential intake of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.  

Popular cooking options: breaded and fried, roasted, stewed or baked

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver falls under the category of organ meats which is considered as neither red or white meat. Unlike muscle meat, the chicken liver provides a very high amount of nutritional benefits. Indeed, the chicken liver doesn't enjoy the same popularity as the chicken breast. But, essentially, it is healthier than the chicken breast. The chicken liver contains a high density of proteins, a diverse range of important vitamins and minerals and very little fats and carbohydrates. Nonetheless, it's important to keep in mind that consuming large and frequent amounts of chicken liver can have its consequences and cause Vitamin A toxicity. 

Popular cooking options: fried, stewed or grilled, chicken liver goes great with mixed vegetables, rice or others


Chicken Gizzards

The chicken gizzards are small muscles found in the digestive tract of the chicken to grind up the food which the animal eats until it's processed into the stomach. Eating chicken gizzards provides you with a substantial amount of proteins and energy required to replenish the cells of your muscles and tissues. Their chewy and tough texture tastes like dark chicken meat. Together with the neck, heart and liver, the chicken gizzards form part of the so-known chicken giblets. 

Popular cooking options: slow-cooked at low temperatures (braised) and added to other dishes such as lasagna, soups, tacos and rice. Another option is to wrap them with bacon and deep fry them for a crispy taste.

Ensure you have these essential chicken products on your shopping list so you never miss out on the protein intake you need for a healthy life.

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