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Got beef? Here Are The Tastiest Cuts And How To Cook Them

by A M G Cold Stores Ltd

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There are a lot of different beef cuts available to us nowadays, from sirloin to chucks and ribs, the possibilities and choices are endless. However having so many different cuts at our disposal also means that you need to know how to cook them and what pairs best with them. In this article, we at AMG Cold Stores Ltd will be discussing some different meat cuts and the best way to serve them. 

1. Flap Meat (bavette flanchet)

The flap meat, or the bavette flanchet, comes from the lower part of the bull's chest, meaning that it is the pectoral muscle of the animal. It is one of the nine prime cuts presented in beef. This piece of meat is leaner and can be cut into two pieces, the flat, which is leaner, and the deckle point, which is the marbled and fatty bit.

When it comes to cooking flap meat, people can opt for either a neat braise or a delicious smoke. These two cooking methods will present you with varying tastes for both cuts.

When smoking the meat, people tend to opt for the leaner part, as it is prone to hold more moisture than the deckle.

If you are looking to braise your a bavette flanchet however, it is best to use the deckle point, as it will present you with a more moist and succulent meal. 



2. Flank 

Flanks come from the belly part of the beef. They are mostly popular to use in stir-fries and other dishes that require either really slow or super fast cooking. The flank is a porous meat cut, meaning that it can seriously soak up any rubs or marinades used. It is generally thinly sliced across the grain before it is eaten. 

The flank can easily become tough if you do not give it enough attention during the cooking process, you need to marinade it well prior to cooking in order to avoid it becoming too tough. After the marinading or rubbing steps are done, you can opt for a light braising or broiling. 

3. Chuck

The chuck comes from the neck and shoulder beef muscles, which makes it great if you are looking for a succulent dish. The chuck is great for pot roasts and stews. This is mostly due to the fact that it's a pretty though cut. Keeping your chuck on the grill for too long will result in having an impossible to chew meal. 

The chuck can also be braised, but if you plan on doing so, you better get your meat tenderiser, as it could become next to impossible to eat. You can also go for a slow-cooker based recipe or even a nice roast. 


4. Rump Heart

The rump heart is a lean cut that is also known as the bottom sirloin roast or the beef loin. This is an amazing choice if you want to grill or roast your meat, but it's also good if you are looking to make burgers. When choosing a rump to grill, try and pick one that comes with a moderate amount of fat, as a lean slice can very easily become dried up.



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