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Beef Cuts Explained: A Definitive Guide To Everyone's Favourite Meat

by A M G Cold Stores Ltd

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1. Neck

The neck can be cooked in a variety of ways, however it is a pretty tough piece of meat and can become very chewy if it is not cooked correctly. Just like many parts of the beef, the neck is best cooked in a slow and braising manner, as this will give it the time to tenderise and develop its flavour properly. 

2. Chuck

Another bit of meat that is best slow cooked, chuck is the perfect choice for roasts, however that said, the chuck can also be grilled. The chuck is a muscly bit of meat that can also be stewed or braised, thanks to its perfect combination of leanness, muscle and fat. 

3. Fore rib/ribeye

The king of roasting joints, the fore rib, also known as the ribeye, can be bought boneless or boned, depending on your preference. It is a marbled bit of meat that holds intense flavour. 


4. Thick/thin ribs 

These two cuts are taken from the brisket and chuck area and come with a short portion of rib bone. This economical bit of meat holds intense flavour thanks to its tender texture and juicy taste. It is best prepared by slow cooking, and pairs well with Asian dishes. 

5. Brisket

This popular cut combines two different muscles of beef, which makes it ideal for barbecuing, braising and even roasting. This dense bit of meat offers you a dense texture that is also ideal if you are looking to cook recipes that call for ground meat. 

6. Shin

Perfect for slow-cooked ragus, the shin is a tough bit of gelatinous meat which can thicken any sauce like no other. Shins are generally seen as an economical cut as they require quite a long time to cook, however the result is worth the time spent cooking it. 

7. Sirloin/Tenderloin (fillet)

This lean mean cut presents you with a tender and juicy texture when roasted or seared, making it a favourite for anyone who enjoys steaks. The sirloin is also ideal for kebabs and barbecuing.Tenderloin(fillet) is one of the most lean and tender part ideal for grill mostly served by all Restaurants.

8. Flank

The flank steak holds a very distinctive flavour, and is one of the easiest cuts to cook. Due to its shape, you can get creative with it – roll it, stuff it or even use it for beef olives.



9. Rump/Sirloin

The rump can be used for roasting and slow cooking. This is a lean cut that comes from the hind legs of the cow. The rump holds a decent amount of marbling, however it is seen as a chewy cut when compared to sirloin or rib. 

10. Silverside/Topside

This area is more popularly known as the sirloin and tenderloin. These lean cuts are generally best for frying or grilling – pretty much any cooking method that uses high temperatures.

11. Thick flank

The flank steak is another popular bit of meat that is best left for grilling or frying. It will present you with a juicy and flavorful meal – just like the skirt steak.

12. Leg

The leg is made up of rump, eye of round, bottom round and tip round steak. This cut responds well to slow cooking and roasting, as it tends to be leaner than the rest of the beef in terms of fat percentages. 


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