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Top 6 Beef Products A M G Cold Stores Ltd And What They Are Best Used For

by A M G Cold Stores Ltd

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We at AMG Cold Stores Ltd hold a wide array of meat-based products in our store. From specialised to common beef cuts, at our store you can find it all. In this article, we are going to explore six popular beef products at our store and how to cook them. From grilled fillets to Sunday roasts, here are our favourite meat-based products.

1. German Young Bull Ribeye

This lovely fillet is extremely popular thanks to the rich and intense flavour it offers. It is known around the world for the tender, softness that it offers and holds heaps of protein. The ribeye is also known as a scotch fillet or cubroll, and it's a popular cut when it comes to grilling and roasting. 

2. Young Bull Fillet 

This fillet comes from the loin area of the beef. It has many different names around the world, from filet mignon to eye fillet. This beef cut is one of the most well-known and popular around the world, thanks to its small percentage of fat and connective tissue. This makes it ideal for cutting into thin steaks, frying and grilling. A popular choice during those hot summer months when everyone is looking forward to a barbeque. 



3. Milk-Fed Knuckle

The knuckle is known as one of the most flavourful cuts when it comes to beef, however this milk-fed knuckle comes from young bulls, making it softer and more flavourful than usual. The knuckle is mostly used for slow-cooked dishes, such as beef bourguignon, slow cooker roast beef, beef stews and casseroles. This cut can also be used for curries and goulash-based dishes. 

4. Veal Osso Buco

This specialty can present you with the perfect meal for pretty much any occasion. Osso buco is a cross-cut section of the veal's shanks and can be served in a number of different manners. The marrow inside the bone is seen as a prized delicacy in many regions of Italy. It is mainly used in casseroles or served with pasta.



5. Frenched Veal Ribeye

This large cut of meat is known for its flavourfulness, juiciness and the abundance of marble that it holds. The frenched ribeye comes from the bone end of a rib chop — it is cut in perfect precision and is a tender piece of meat favoured by most. This cut is ideal for marinades and can be pan-seared, fried or even grilled. 

6. Oxtail

The oxtail, as its name suggests, comes from the tail of the cattle itself. It is generally cut into short lengths and can be slow cooked, braised or stewed — perfect for those cold winter months. It can also be used to create stock bases and can be prepared using a pressure cooker.



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