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Colombo, Michelle

Colombo, Michelle

43, Villina Pat, Triq Blanche Huber, Sliema, SLM 2053
Info: Local & Foreign Funeral Services

Opening Hours:

Tue 26th - Open 24 Hours

Premises: Sliema

Company Details:

Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakers are able to provide professional funeral services to fit every budget, no matter how small, no matter how large. By remaining sensitive to the needs and wishes of every individual, the company can take over all funeral arrangements from the simple retrieval of an official death certificate, to the complex logistics of providing international transportation or organising a burial at sea.

Specialising In:

When your loved one moves on, We advise you and relieve you of the added stress of supervising a funeral that respects your wishes in every way.

Date of Establishment:


Vat Registration Number: