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Catermax Ltd

Catermax Ltd

c/o Radisson Blu resort, Malta St Julians, Bajja San Gorg, San Giljan, STJ 3391

Opening Hours:

Tue 19th - 08:00 - 17:00

Premises: San Giljan

Company Details:

Catermax is a leading catering establishment offering a five star quality service at competitive prices. It is a joint venture between the Corinthia Group of Companies and the Vassallo Group of Companies. The team's unparalleled experience, coupled with a true belief in innovation and quality, enables Catermax to deliver the very best in the industry. This ensures that your event is a memorable one.



Directors / Contacts:

Directors: Rowena Spiteri - 99 826 660 Jean Paul Pavia - 99 324 522 Diane Farrugia - 79 288 515 Charlene Debono 23 702 641


Venues: Castello Zammitello, Casino Maltese, Corinthia, The Diamond, Alpha Gardens Gozo: Maxtura & Ta' Mena