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Camilleri Funeral Directors International

Camilleri Funeral Directors International

102, Triq Manoel De Vilhena, Gzira, GZR 1017

Opening Hours:

Tue 26th - 00:01 - Midnight

Premises: Gzira

Company Details:

Camilleri Funeral Directors International is a local funeral company based in Gzira, offering a complete and caring service in the organisation of funeral arrangements. The company is a specialist in the international repatriation and cremation of the deceased. Camilleri Funeral Directors, also offer prepaid funeral and cremation plans giving its clients peace of mind that their wishes in terms of funeral and burial arrangements will be adhered to following one's demise, without . . .

Specialising In:

Funeral Services, Burial at Sea, Repatriation and Cremation

Service Options:

24 Hour Service, Consultation, After Hours


Member of the International Association of Funeral Directors

Date of Establishment:




Number of Employees:

Full Time: 4

Directors / Contacts:

Directors: Johann Camilleri & Anthony Camilleri


C.F.D.I. is operated by Active Assistance Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Active Group