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Baldacchino Charles & Emanuel

Baldacchino Charles & Emanuel

Trejqet tal-Hlas, Qormi, QRM 2931

Opening Hours:
By Appointment

Tue 19th - 06:00 - 20:30

Premises: Qormi

Company Details:

Brothers Charles & Emanuel Baldacchino have been in the construction industry over 20 years. With these years of experience and with the machinery they have makes the Baldacchino brothers competitive in this sector. From a 70 centimeter Mini Excavator to Larger Sized Excavators including rockwheel and other construction machinery, they can work on both small and large projects. Quotations are always given free of charge.

Specialising In:

Excavation, Mini Excavation, Demolition, Trench Work, Swimming Pools, Rock Cutting, Drainage Connections, Pavement Works, Domestic & Commercial works.

Service Options:

Home Visits, Free Quotations, Free Consultation, Repairs & Maintenance, Inspections, On-site Quotations