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Advent Lift Services Ltd

Advent Lift Services Ltd

MRA048D, Qasam Industrijali, Marsa, MRS 3000

Opening Hours:

Fri 22nd - 08:00 - 17:00

Premises: Marsa

Company Details:

Advent Lifts Services Ltd is a medium sized business specialising in design, supply, installation and maintenance of lifts & escalators. With experienced staff of over 25 employees, Advent Lifts Services Ltd sold and maintains over 900 lifts in Malta & Gozo. We have worked in other countries including Libya, Algeria, United Kingdom, Italy, Ethiopia & Australia. We have worked with several building contractors and individuals, always ensuring personalised advice for each individual situation.

Specialising In:

Advent Lifts Services Ltd specializes in the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, repairs and maintenance of all types of lifts and escalators.


Faboc, ETA, Daldoss, Axel, Vertibus, Difusion Hidraulica Lluis


Free | All Gozo, All Malta

Service Options:

Consultation, By Appointment, On-site Quotations, After Hours, Walk-ins, 24 Hour Service, Free Quotations, Installation, Inspections, Bulk ordering, Home Visits, Free Consultation, Same Day Service, After Sales Service

Payment Options:

Secure Online Payments, Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Direct Debit

Date of Establishment:




Directors / Contacts:

Directors: Mr. Stephen Farrugia-9942-0031(managing director) Mr. Adrian Aquilina-9944-4121(director) Mr.Raymond Farrugia-9942-4824(director) Mr.Cleaven-Ray Mizzi-9932-1119 (Manager)