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Ghajnsielem-Gozo, Gozo | Electricians is your go-to electrician in Gozo for all your electrical needs, from maintenance to installations, repairs, and interventions at competitive rates. We offer free quotations and same-day repairs.

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Electricians in Malta and Gozo

Electrical malfunction? Need to design an electrical circuit? Is your house lacking an efficient and modern electrical system? Discover the number of professional electricians across Malta and Gozo, and solve any electrical issue you may have. Each domestic, commercial or industrial space has its own unique needs and electricians will provide a tailored service accordingly.

What do electricians do?

Electrical installations

Just bought a new place or undergoing renovation works? You may need to carry out certain electrical installations which either never existed or need modernisation. Professional electricians can provide single and three phase installation, alarm, intercom and CCTV installation, surge protection, dimmer wiring, circuit breaker and earth electrode installation and AC wiring. Moreover, they can also install generators and water pumps, install wiring for pool lights, provide ELV (Extra low voltage system) installation, and set up any wiring you need.

In addition, electricians may also provide the installation of home automation systems, intelligent lighting, sensor lights, underfloor heating, and the installation of energy efficient systems such as solar panels and solar water heaters.

Electrical repairs

Electrical malfunctions and breakdowns are a common occurrence, and whether it's a major or minor impairment, a professional electrician can solve any faults which may arise from time to time. Flickering lights, blown fuses, circuit breaker trippings, faulty wiring in appliances and electrical tools, and any other glitch, can be repaired by the electricians listed on Yellow.

They will also replace faulty electrical components where necessary.

Electrical testing

In certain cases, pinpointing the source of the fault in question is not easy. Electricians have the expertise and the necessary equipment to detect the source of any malfunction. Furthermore, professional electricians are able to identify any electrical hazards, which may even lead to fatal consequences. PAT testing may also be provided, a process through which appliances are tested to check whether they're safe to use.

Electrical design

Each space is unique and has its own requirements. An electrician will be able to guide you in planning an effective and practical electrical layout to cater for all your needs. Together you'll come up with the number of outlets you need and their positioning, and the electrician will plan all wiring accordingly.

What do you need to take into consideration when choosing an electrician?

Electrical Service

Some electricians may specialise in a specific sector or a specific service. They may only work in commercial settings or may provide electrical installations, but not a repair service.

Electrician or turnkey contractor?

Do you just need an electrician or is it more practical to contact a turnkey contractor to take care of all the work in your pipeline? If you need plumbing, plastering, painting, gypsum and any other service, you'd be better off working with a turnkey contractor.

Electrician Availability

Electricians are currently in high demand due to the ongoing property boom taking place in Malta. With more and more developments cropping up, finding a licensed electrician with an empty slot may be easier said than done, especially if you need to install a new electrical system from scratch.


Certain electrical issues may need immediate attention, but not all electricians cater for emergency breakdowns. Check out these electricians which are available 24/7 on Yellow.

Time to complete

Discuss beforehand the time needed to complete the project and do set a deadline, or they'll keep postponing your project indefinitely. You'll have all the required works lined after each other, and a hiccup in one stage will affect the rest of the timeline.

Electrician reviews and references

Is he reliable and professional in his work? Does he produce high quality work? Does he respect deadlines? Is he clean and tidy in his work? Check out his reviews and if possible ask for references, to ensure you're entrusting the right electrician with your work.

Electrician License

Make sure you choose a licensed electrician, so you can rest assured he'll comply with all the requirements and respects all regulations.


A quote is usually provided after a free on-site inspection. Price generally depends on the size of the space, the volume of work and electrical supplies needed, and the time needed to complete the work. Quotes will vary from one company to another, so get your hands on a couple of quotes before selecting one.

Although you may be tempted to carry out some DIY work, we always recommend you contact a professional electrician to execute any electrical work you need carried out. You'll reduce the possibility of electrical hazards, which may prove fatal in certain cases, and will ensure safety at all times.

In addition to the vast selection of electricians listed on Yellow, explore the number of electrical and plumbing contractors, electrical engineers, car electricians and outlets providing electrical supplies.


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