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Jurgen Kurt Delia Dr BChD

Jurgen Kurt Delia Dr BChD

Swieqi, Malta | Dental Surgeons
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Dentists in Malta & Gozo

Having unblemished and immaculately white teeth is every person's dream. Over and above the aesthetic value of your teeth, having healthy strong teeth is imperative to avoid tooth decay and other deficiencies which may arise if proper care is not administered. Visiting a dentist or a dental clinic in Malta on a regular basis will help pave your way toward healthier teeth. Whether you need to clean your teeth, repair, restore, straighten or whiten your teeth, a dentist is the specialist you should visit to maintain dazzling and shapely teeth.

Dentists in Malta offer a vast spectrum of services and all kinds of treatments. Here are some of the most common treatments they provide on a daily basis:

Teeth restoration & repair

Teeth are fragile pieces which can easily be broken or chipped. A dentist is able to restore your teeth by implementing tooth bridges, dental crowns, tooth fillings, dental implants and by providing root canal treatment and tooth bonding. Chipped, decayed and broken teeth can be restored using various repairing methods in today's world.

Any dental conditions or diseases which may crop up can be treated by a dentist. Whether it's tooth decay or abscess, gingivitis (gum disease), halitosis (bad breath), diastema (gap between teeth) or malocclusion (misalignment), dentists in Malta provide professional teeth cleaning and repair. When damage is too deep, tooth extraction is carried out. Wisdom teeth removal is especially popular as wisdom teeth may not have ample space to grow properly.

Cosmetic procedures carried out by dental clinics in Malta

Having a healthy set of teeth is more than anyone can ask for. However, possessing an aesthetically pleasant smile is also crucial as it can be the determining factor to one's confidence. Specialised dentists in Malta can perform re-shaping of misaligned teeth, teeth whitening for discolored teeth and gum contouring. Moreover, they can implement porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges, and invisible braces.

Dental checkups & preventive treatments offered by dentists in Malta

Teeth need constant care and in fact dental specialists advise you to go for a dental checkup at least once every six months to preserve and improve your dental hygiene. Regular examinations would help in preventing decay and in treating periodontal diseases in their early stages. Dentists in Malta can perform tooth scaling and polishing, check out any tooth sensitivity which may have developed and when necessary, prescribe dental night guards or dentures.

What other services do dentists in Malta provide?

Other services which dental clinics in Malta offer are 3D dental imaging, dental x-rays, oral cancer screening, orthodontics, and tooth piercing. When it comes to oral surgery, not all dentists are fully qualified to execute dental surgery, such as cyst removal and dental bone grafting. Paediatric dentists can also be found across Malta and Gozo.

Dentist Prices & Booking

Some dental clinics in Malta publish a full list of offered services with their corresponding prices on their website. For more complicated treatments, price might need to be quoted accordingly. Making a dental appointment will generally require you to phone the clinic to check availability. Online booking systems are still being gradually introduced in the local market and will eventually lead to more efficient appointment reservations.

Do you need an emergency dentist?

Unpredictable exigencies can easily occur and you may require immediate dental assistance in certain emergency situations. Some dental clinics in Malta would be willing to reschedule appointments on short notice to cater for eventualities such as unbearable toothache, swelling, or any tooth injuries which you may have endured. Some dentists may also open on Sunday.

To get the best possible service with as few complications as possible, and enjoy the best results, always choose a qualified professional. It's important to ensure that materials used are of the highest quality for the treatments to have lasting effects.

Explore the vast selection of dentists in Malta and Gozo and find the best dentist for you. Your teeth deserve the very best attention so overcome your fear and make an appointment now! Find a dental clinic near you and restore your smile back to its former glory!

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