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Xghajra, Malta | Plumbers

Need a plumber near you? We offer a wide range of plumbing services for our clients. We take care of breakdowns in no time. We care about all of our clients. We establish good relations with all of them. We fix any leakages.

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Plumbers in Malta and Gozo

As you stumble across your kitchen in the dead of night to get a glass of water, your feet are instantly soaked by the inch of water that has accumulated on your floor. You switch the light on to get a better look at what's going on and you realise that your room is flooded thanks to a burst pipe under your sink.

It is in cases such as these when you realise the importance of having a functional plumbing system. Imperative for helping you keep your home or office remain clean, hygienic and safe, have Yellow's list of plumbers handy so you'll be able to tackle any problems instantly.

What does a plumber do?

The image you may have ingrained in your mind might be that of a professional under your kitchen sink, clanking away at your pipes, however, plumbers do much more than that. From installing, maintaining and repairing pipes and fixtures associated with water distribution, heating or cooling, as well as sanitation in residential, commercial and industrial structures, plumbers may also at times be able to repair certain domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. As a result, they may undertake any job related to your bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries, swimming pools and air conditioners. Others may help you clear out your drains and any obstructions in waste and sewage pipes.

Plumbing jobs & services in Malta & Gozo

From small, one-ff jobs to large, full-scale projects, local plumbers can do a number of things. With the ability to install entire plumbing systems for buildings, they can interpret blueprints and build specifications to map the layout for pipes, drainage systems and plumbing materials. In general, Maltese professionals provide different services such as entire bathroom refurbishment or fitting new taps, toilets, showers & kitchen accessories. You can choose between a number of systems, brands and styles.

Perhaps one of the most common problems you might encounter is water leaks. A plumber is imperative at detecting these most especially if they are hidden since they can result in costly water damages and hefty water bills. The plumber is equipped with special, leak detection equipment that can quickly and accurately find the source of leaks even if these are under concrete or behind walls.

Plumbers specialising in boilers and heating systems provide professional solutions for problems like boiler breakdowns, related bursts and leaks or vented and unvented hot water cylinder repair. As a result, whether it's the hot-water tank in the attic or the copper cylinder in the cupboard, repairs and maintenance on boilers can also be provided. Furthermore, they can also carry out a number of installations amongst which include supports for pipes, equipment and fixtures, as well as installations of heating and air-conditioning systems including water heaters. Some may even be able to install your reverse osmosis system.

Locally plumbers either work on their own or may be employed by a specific company or contractor, with the latter tending to charge higher rates. The majority will either charge a small, nominal fee or nothing at all to visit your property and inspect the damage, while depending on the plumber, some either charge by the job or by the hour. Ideally, you should ask in advance the approximate costs so as to be prepared and to avoid any misunderstandings. In addition, keep in mind that you will need to pay extra for any parts and accessories that might be needed. Have a look at these ironmongery and hardware stores listed on Yellow, in order to find the one nearest to you.

Lastly, the majority offer emergency service, whereby they can be called on short notice and start working immediately. However, for some plumbers that might not necessarily mean offering their services 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

How to select an appropriate plumber

Unless you're an industrious do-it-yourself who can take care of your own plumbing, in all likelihood, you will need a plumber at one point or another. However, it can be quite a tricky undertaking to locate one who is good at his job but is not in high demand or charges an arm and a leg for having something done. If your plumbing issue does not require immediate and urgent attention, you may take your time to select someone who will cover your needs. Your safest bet is to get recommendations from friends, family and neighbours and then select the one who will be able to fix the problem quickly and to your budget.


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