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Swieqi, Malta | Barbers

Book an appointment today at House of Barbers for a complete self-care experience. We specialise in classic and contemporary haircuts, hair styling, beard trimming and shaping, mini-facials, and more. Get the treatment you deserve now!

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Barbers in Malta and Gozo

Blurring the lines between high-end salons and the barbershops of yesteryear, local barbers have exploded in popularity, redefining, enhancing and challenging traditional notions of grooming and masculinity.

What sets barbershops apart from other establishments is their distinguishable barber's pole which can be spotted outside each and every barber store. Ever wondered what it symbolises? Featuring red and white spiralling stripes, each stripe represents the various aspects of the craft. For instance, white and red represent the bandages and blood reminiscent of a place and time when barbers used to perform medical procedures, whereas the blue stripes represent veins. In effect, as early as the later Roman Empire, barber-surgeons were known to perform tooth extraction, cupping, enemas and amputations amongst other things.

Although these services are far from what's on offer today, the resurgence of men's grooming has breathed new life into the industry and is having men from all walks of life lining up to get their hair cut or their beards trimmed.

A variety of hairstyles

Whether you like playing it safe by sticking with that same hairstyle you know works well on you or whether you're into experimenting and trying something new, a good barber is crucial to getting the outcome you have always desired. Experienced professionals will be able to handle all types of hair, while they'll be able to advise you on what works well and what doesn't, based on your shape's face.

Beard Grooming & Shave

Although most men tend to shave, groom and take care of their beards at home, in essence, there are many benefits to visiting a good barber. As beards of varying lengths have become all the craze, a professional can trim it to your liking by using old school barbering techniques. Other services include beard shaves with designs, hot towel shaves with a traditional single-blade razor and much more. In addition, your barber can offer some useful tips on how to take care of your beard and keep it clean without having to wash it every single day.

What other services are offered?

Locally, high-end luxury barbershops are increasingly gaining popularity with many men flocking into such establishments to enjoy the added services and amenities that render visiting a barber shop more of an experience. What do these amenities consist of? From lounge areas and TV screens to snacks and drinks, clients can relax and enjoy themselves, while the majority feature stylish and opulent decor with every inch exuding masculinity.

However, some establishments go a step further to provide facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting, as well as massages, whereas discerning clients can appreciate the service in peace and quiet in the comfort of a specially designed private area.

If becoming a barber has always been a dream of yours, note that some barbershops double as schools where professional and experienced barbers provide courses to those who would like to take up the profession. Typically, certified courses can last up to 2 months and will teach you all you need to know about the art of barbering including theory and demonstrations, while you'll get the opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills and knowledge.


Barbershops often have various products for sale designed to help you keep your beard and hair looking their best. These may include but are not limited to different types of waxes for moustaches, beard oils, balms and moisturisers, as well as hair shampoos, pomades and other male hair products. If you are unsure of which product would be ideal for your hair or beard, your barber can always guide you and offer advice.

Appointments and Pricing

Most local establishments work by appointment, so all you need to do is simply give them a ring and select a date you'd like to drop by. Having said that, some shops do welcome walk-ins. Usually barbers that accept such clients would have a plaque or blackboard displayed outdoor stating so, however, if unsure, you could always step inside and ask. Opening hours and contact details can be found outside, whereas a number of establishments have websites and facebook pages with further information regarding their services.

When it comes to pricing, this varies from barbershop to barbershop, however, the more upscale the establishment, the pricier the hair cut or beard trim.

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