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Sannat-Gozo, Gozo | Garden Centres
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Your success is what we care about. Because we are also gardeners, we understand the value of dependability and quality when it comes to planning and maintaining our gardens. We provide free delivery on orders above €30.

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Garden Centres in Malta & Gozo

Do you boast a green thumb? Visiting garden centres would be a much-enjoyed activity, especially if you have ample space for a green area in your backyard or on your roof terrace. These green establishments are generally packed with any essentials you may need to embellish your outdoor space and make it visually appealing and productive. In effect, here are 6 ways to make your home greener. Whether you've just started gardening as a hobby, or you're an established farmer, you'll find anything you need under one roof. The garden specialists have the expertise to advise you on the best products to buy if you need to decorate your home or office or design your garden.

Trees, Plants & Flowers

Garden shops in Malta stock a wide selection of flowers, plants and trees, which are either imported or grown in local nurseries. You can choose from indoor plants and outdoor ones or fresh flowers such as roses, aloe vera, bonsai trees, bamboo shoots, cactus, gypsophila, hibiscus, lavender, ivy, orchids, sunflowers and a variety of perennials and succulents. Poinsettias and other periodical items can be found in their respective seasons. Whether you're interested in growing herb plants, fruit or vegetable plants, visiting a garden centre will fulfil all your needs.

If your home boasts an extensive outdoor area, you can consider growing shrubs or trees. From fruit trees, such as apple, orange, lemon and prickly pear trees, to ash, birch, carob, cedar, cypress, fir, oak, olive, palm, pine, yucca and much more, the options are endless. Do make sure you have sufficient ground for your tree to flourish.

For the non-garden zealots, opting for artificial flowers and plants can be a more practical option since they wouldn't require maintenance. The staff at these establishments can provide advice on the best artificial plants and flowers to pick to embellish homes and offices.

Special occasion coming up? The majority of garden centres provide tailored flower bouquets for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day and any occasion you're celebrating. You can also book funeral flowers and flower arrangements for weddings.

Some centres enable you to order flowers online and offer local and international flower delivery for that romantic surprise you want to give to your loved one.

Garden Supplies & Accessories

Along with flowers and plants, garden centres around Malta and Gozo provide a vast selection of garden supplies and accessories. For the enthusiasts who want to grow their own plants and flowers, one can find soil, fruit, vegetable, plant and flower seeds, compost, plant food, fertilisers, mulch, weed killers and much more. Gardening tools you'll find useful in your green venture include fruit pickers, forks, gloves, rakes, scissors, hedge clippers, hoes, hose pipes, shears, shovels, spades, trowels and watering cans.

Want to enrich your garden's or home's aesthetic look? One can find a selection of decorative flower and plant pots in different colours and materials, such as plastic and terracotta planters. Lanterns, vases, wind chimes, pebbles, garden gnomes and other home decor and ornaments for both indoor and outdoor spaces are available in many centres.

Wooden products you can opt for include garden fences, gates, garden sheds, gazebos, arches and trellises.

Need to furnish your outdoor space to create a functional space? Some establishments also offer a range of outdoor tables and chairs, lounge sets, sun shades and other garden furniture and accessories.

You can also find pond and fountain equipment, outdoor solar lights, fresh and artificial turf, fire logs, sprinklers and other irrigation systems, agricultural products and pet food and supplies.

What other services are offered?

Apart from providing innumerable products to cultivate your garden, many garden centres provide additional services to both homeowners and corporate establishments.

Some offer plant hire for special occasions or conferences and also long term plant leasing and maintenance for offices.

A popular service offered is landscaping. Does your backyard look like it needs an overhaul? Garden centres provide professional in-house landscapers to help you revitalise your indoor or outdoor space. They can transform your forsaken space into a lush green area flourishing with the plants, flowers or trees of your choice. They will offer you a range of refreshing garden ideas which you can give life to.

Along with garden design, renovation and maintenance, these establishments also erect irrigation systems and may also treat sick trees or plants.

Explore the range of garden centres listed on Yellow and get some inspiration for your outdoor space. Need some tips on how to make your home greener? Embark on your gardening journey with the help of one of the centres across Malta and Gozo and here are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your plants alive during summer. 

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