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Sannat-Gozo, Gozo | Florists
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No need to speak the language of flowers to know how much they are meaningful. From Valentine's Day to birthdays, flowers are superb gifts. At Flower Zone we are specialized in flower arrangements & offer delivery services anywhere around the world!

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Florists in Malta and Gozo

From elevating your mood to reducing your stress levels and enhancing your space, flowers can be the ideal addition to your home or place of work and there's certainly no better place to get hold of some pretty blooms than at a local florist.

Skilful at creating and designing an assortment of floral arrangements amongst which include bouquets, centrepieces, corsages and wreathes, florists have an in-depth knowledge of floristry, while they are proficient in all aspects of plant care and can maintain a wide variety of flowers, foliage and at times, even herb species. Locally, they tend to work from their own shops, while others tend to sell their creations wholesale to other larger shops.

Which are the most popular types of flowers?

Step into any flower and plant shop and you'll be overwhelmed by the wide variety of products available. When it comes to flowers, the most popular ones include roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowerstulips, orchids and carnations, however, many stores offer more than your typical blooms. So why not impress your loved one with unusual blossoms, such as heliconia, gladiolus and liatris? Depending on the store and the florist's expertise, some professionals may stock various unusual and exotic blossoms.

If you're looking for a bouquet as opposed to a couple of loose stems, you may select between ready-made options or you may want to create something from scratch. If you are unsure of how to go about this, the florist will be able to guide you accordingly, however, remember that each flower carries a specific meaning. For example, roses and red tulips are ideal for declaring your love to someone, whereas daisies represent innocence. The same applies to the blooms' colours. Purple symbolises tradition and success, whilst blue conveys serenity.

Pre-formatted bouquet layouts that sport typical and widely found flowers tend to be cheaper than original creations that have unusual alternatives. So do keep your budget in mind before selecting a bunch of those beautiful birds of paradise.

Flowers for different occasions

A perfect gift appropriate for any occasion, flowers are regarded as the ultimate romantic gesture to display your love and affection, your joy or gratitude. The most popular events people tend to buy bouquets for are usually celebratory in nature and may include birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, the birth of a new baby, funerals and graduations to name a few. However, florists are known for doing much more than arranging and selling intricate bouquets to clients who step into their store. In effect, they are very often hired to produce decorations, centrepieces and the likes for weddings, corporate events and other occasions, while numerous hotels tend to request small flower centrepieces to add to each room or to various areas around their establishment like reception.

Embellishing your wedding's setting with colourful or delicate blooms that will suit your taste and budget and that will complement the look you're after is a complicated affair, so if you're interested in such a service, make sure you shop around and you visit more than one individual. After all, if you're looking to make a big impression with your wedding's decor, your florist is a key player for achieving that. Once you have selected the professional you'd like to go with, you need to ensure that you work hand-in-hand so that all your requests are met.

Flower delivery in Malta and abroad

Many florists operate a fleet of vans and trucks and as a result, they provide delivery services in Malta and Gozo either for free or for a minimal fee. Same day delivery or delivery during public holidays and weekends may be at an additional cost. What's more, whereas up to a few years ago, they used to work exclusively from their shops, with the advent of online shopping, more and more local professionals have websites where customers can purchase their products. Through their online stores, you can also buy complementary items such as gift baskets or vases and treats, whereas you may also include a card and a message. Once you have selected the products you would like to purchase, you will then be asked to pay online, usually via credit card. Alternatively, orders can also be placed over the phone or in person.

Would you like to send your friends and loved ones residing abroad a beautiful bouquet of their favourite blooms for their birthday? The majority of florists provide worldwide delivery at a cost and depending on whether you would like standard or express delivery, each service carries its own cost.

What other products are on offer?

Depending on how large the store is, some might also sell a variety of other products like pesticides and insecticides, irrigation and water pipes, gravel and pebbles, pots and sauces, trellises and fences, as well as a series of other garden tools. Although known for their selection of fresh flowers, an increasing number of stores sell artificial flowers and plants for those who struggle to keep the fresh varieties alive. Clients can select between polyester and paper flowers or silk blooms which tend to be more lifelike. Looking to revamp your garden, balcony or patio? You may want to purchase decorative figures and ornaments, glassware, pottery and ceramic items like vases. What's more, farmers may also find a range of agricultural products for their farms or may also request stores' services to install items like greenhouses and sheds.



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