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Crane and Hoist Hire in Malta and Gozo

As Malta's construction industry is increasingly booming, the demand for various types of cranes and hoists has also grown exponentially. Most companies across the island specialise in the heavy lifting industry, which means that they are employed to lift a range of equipment and machinery, boats and structures made from steel and other materials, columns and beams. 

What type of crane services are offered by crane & hoist hire companies?

With buildings and properties being constructed at an alarming rate, crane services have become popular and are in high demand. In effect, a quick glance at the horizon of any locality will reveal a number of cranes, working to erect all sorts of structures. This type of service is generally used to lift and move materials and other building components from place to place, but crane-related services also include crane assembly and disassembly, operating the equipment, as well as providing any maintenance and repair when needed.  

Cranes come in all ranges and sizes, however, locally static, mobile and tower cranes tend to be the most popular ones. A number of elements will determine the kind of crane needed for a particular site. For instance, the load that needs to be lifted, the height and distance that this needs to be moved and the degree of mobility, are all things that must be considered prior to selecting a crane. Many companies offer them both for hire and for sale and these could be either brand new or used. Static and self-erecting cranes are ideal for any type of projects be it small or large and as its name implies, these can only be fixed in one position. In contrast, the mobile version, is either truck-mounted, mobile wheeled or gantry-based, which allows them to be moved from one location to another within the site, offering total flexibility. The truck-mounted variety can be particularly helpful when working on hostile and poor ground conditions. These two types have various lifting capacities depending on the size and brand, while each company will have different options available for you to hire or purchase. 

Particularly suited for larger and taller structures, tower cranes may go up to 50 meters and can carry any weight up to 2.5 tonnes at this height. Typically, these are brought on-site in parts and they are assembled and erected on location. A tower crane may have an operator overseeing most of the lifting operations from within the cab at the very top of the crane, however, other operators are also needed on ground level for supervising the loading and for offering guidance to the other operator at the top. 

Irrespective of whether you need a static or a mobile crane, ensure that it is an all-terrain one since these tend to be particularly suited for Malta's ground. What is more, safety is of the essence when it comes to operating a crane. If unsure as to which type of crane is needed for your particular requirements, the crane company will be able to offer recommendations. 

What is a high-up service?

Many of these companies offer a high-up service, usually provided to those who need to lift objects such as furniture and other heavy items that cannot be transferred into the interior of a building in any other way. Some companies provide this service for a specific amount of storeys, while all charge a flat rate per hour. Note that if you need to use this service, you must get the necessary permit from your local council. This is due to the fact that you'll need to reserve a couple of parking spaces, whereas if the street is narrow, you might have to block it entirely to traffic.       

Repairing and servicing 

If you already own your crane or hoist, chances are that you might need some repairing and servicing from time to time. Any downtime can lead to severe disruptions with your construction's schedule, so it's important to act on any issues immediately. All crane and hoist hire companies offer this service to their clients. From fixing usage problems, such as for example, lack of pressure within the system that may have arisen from the mishandling of the crane, to the provision of various parts, companies have a team of specialists and the right equipment to help you overcome these hurdles. Other forms of servicing include structural repairs to cranes and hoists and the mending or installation of new safety equipment, like safe-load indicator systems.  

Are other miscellaneous services offered? 

Equipped with hydraulic breakers, rippers, jackhammers and other breaking-related tools, companies can also take care of your demolition projects. Others may provide a side-loader service, helping you to load and unload any item from 20 or 40 feet containers. In addition, companies that also manage a fleet of vehicles and trucks may also be able to offer transportation services. These can range from the transportation of food products with freezer trucks to the transportation of containers and the transportation of large and heavy objects like concrete beams. And if the supplier is a registered customs broker, the company can handle customs clearance for you, including taking care of the documentation required. 

One last service commonly offered by these type of companies is boat services. From lifting to transporting and storing your boat, specially-designed boat trailers can help carry any sort of boat including powerboats and large yachts, while the equipment used allows access from under the boat, rendering the process effortless. Depending on the apparatus on disposal, commercial boats can also be lifted like catamarans and commercial boats weighing 40 tonnes and over.


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